Hey Christian,

I've uploaded some recent video projects for you per your request. This is an unlinked page, so if you would like to share this with others, please copy and paste the hyperlink as they will not be able to find it through my site's navigation.

Thank you for your time & consideration!

This piece was a promo I recently shot for a Model & Talent agency.

The idea was simple enough: showcase a selection of their models, while promoting a new Designer Fashion line.

This was a Run-n-Gun style production, with the entire shoot, location selection, editing and final deliverables being produced within 24 hours.

You can see the video in its final promotional form here

This video was also a social media promotional, but for an outdoor outfitter company. 

The concept was to capture the feeling of an early morning hunting experience. Its not as much of a 'commercial' look and feel, but I think it gets the concept across nicely.

Again, this was a one-man-band operation (COVID restrictions here really hamper larger crews and location abilities) but I think the simple style and hand-held look lend to the authenticity of the video.

This was another 1 day production for a sales special/promo I launched for my studio.

This video was to be displayed on social media and my 'booking' page as a quick guide to help those who are camera shy (or scared to leave their house during lockdown) to be able to see how relaxed, effortless and fun the shooting experience can be.

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