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Hey Ryan,
Below are a few video samples I've shot recently as add-ons during Photo Shoots.

The majority of my video-dedicated work has been done while working with teams and for companies outside of my own, so sadly I don't own the usage rights to showcase the larger video projects I've worked on. 

I hope these illustrate enough for you so that we can move forward!


This piece was a promo I recently shot for a Model & Talent agency.

The idea was simple enough: showcase a selection of their models, while promoting a new Designer Fashion line.

This was a Run-n-Gun style production, with the entire shoot, location selection, editing and final deliverables being produced within 24 hours.

You can see the video in its final promotional form here

This video was also a social media promotional add-on for an outdoor outfitter company which I was shooting lifestyle imagery for. 

The concept was to capture the feeling of an early morning hunting experience. Its not as much of a 'commercial' look and feel, but I think it gets the concept across nicely.

(Sample Shot taken during filming promo)

This was another 1 day production for a sales special I launched for my Studio's 'Corporate Head Shot' promotional.

This video was to be displayed on social media and my 'booking' page as a quick guide to help those who are camera shy (or scared to leave their house during lockdown) to be able to see how relaxed, effortless and fun the shooting experience can be.

(Sample Shots taken prior to filming the interview above)